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Department, Program, and University-Wide Research Funds

Weinberg department and program research funds

Some Weinberg College departments and programs also have funds to support student research, including research expenses and summer stipends. Contact the departments and programs for details. Northwestern's Office of Undergraduate Research maintains a searchable list of research opportunities that includes many of those offered by Weinberg units, as well as many other options on campus and around the world.

University-wide research funds

Northwestern University Undergraduate Research Grants (URG)

Northwestern's Office of Undergraduate Research administers Undergraduate Research Grants (URGs) that are open to undergraduate students from throughout the university. This office is the primary source for summer research grants for Northwestern students, as well as for grants for research during the academic year. The office also provides funds for students presenting their work at conferences. In addition, they maintain web pages with tips for applying for research grants and information on other research funding opportunities. Detailed information on applying for URG funding, including deadlines and procedures, is available on Northwestern's Office of Undergraduate Research website.

Northwestern University Office of Fellowships

The Office of Fellowships provides information and guidance for students regarding national and international fellowship competitions.  The fellowships fall into many different categories, and some provide opportunities for conducting research, including research carried out overseas. See the Office of Fellowships website for more information.

Research Assistant Awards

Students interested in getting started in research through working with faculty members on their projects are encouraged to explore the Undergraduate Research Assistant Program run by the Office of Undergraduate Research.  The program pays students an hourly wage to work on faculty research projects over the academic year or summer.  Projects are initiated by faculty, but students are encouraged to contact faculty with whom they would be interested in working.  To learn more, contact Peter Civetta, Director of the Office of Undergraduate Research.