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Guidelines for Grants



  1. You must be a Weinberg undergraduate to apply for Weinberg research grants. (Students enrolled in other NU Schools, who are also doing Weinberg majors, are not eligible for these grants.)
  2. Except where specified (such as with Conference Grants), applicants typically must first apply for a Northwestern University Undergraduate Research Grant (URG) from the Provost’s Office before turning to Weinberg College for funding. If your proposal is turned down by URG, you may then apply to Weinberg, using the Weinberg application form. Your URG proposal may be used to develop your Weinberg proposal, revising as recommended by the URG review committee and in consultation with your faculty sponsor. In most cases, the letter from your URG sponsor (faculty) may be used again for the WCAS grant proposal, but please note that he or she will need to endorse your WCAS proposal when prompted by the email, which is automatically generated when you submit your WCAS proposal. Although your sponsor will receive this email automatically, it is your responsibility alone to make sure your sponsor's endorsement has been submitted.  Please be aware that when your grant status is listed as “Reviewed,” that means your proposal has been endorsed by your faculty sponsor.  It does not mean that your proposal has been reviewed by the grants committee.
  3. Beginning the Required IRB Application Process: The Institutional Review Board (IRB) of Northwestern University is a multi-disciplinary committee that reviews research involving human subjects in order to ensure that the rights and welfare of human subjects are protected. Federal law and NU policy mandates that all biomedical as well as social/behavioral research involving human subjects must receive IRB approval prior to the start of the research. If your proposed research involves collecting data from human subjects (including interviews, surveys, etc.), you will need to obtain IRB approval before you may begin your project.

    All Northwestern researchers, including undergraduates, who are involved in the conduct of human subjects research are required to complete initial human subjects protection training and to re-certify every three years. This training is separate from the application process to receive IRB approval for your research project.

    Please see the IRB webpage for more information:


Allow at least two weeks from the submission of the complete application, including the faculty recommendation, to receive a decision from Weinberg on your grant.

Critical information for international travel

All grant recipients whose plans include international travel are required to complete Northwestern's Travel Registry for Non-credit Travelers.  This registry provides NU with information on all undergraduate travelers in case of an emergency. 

Whether traveling to a Travel Warning country or not, all student travelers must complete the following health and safety pre-departure requirements:

  1. Complete an online course on International Risk Management.  Working with your advisor, the Office of Global Safety and Security (OGSS) will enroll you in the online Canvas course “International Risk Management for Students.” It’s not necessary to have your travel dates finalized before taking this course. This course takes approximately 35 minutes and should be viewed 6-8 weeks prior to your departure. 
  2. Purchase NU's HTH Worldwide international insurance plan. Northwestern requires all students traveling abroad under university sponsorship to obtain an international medical insurance plan with our preferred provider, HTH Worldwide.  Once your plans are finalized including destination and travel dates, click on the HTH enrollment page to purchase your insurance for less than $10.00/week.  Within 24 hours of enrolling with HTH, you will receive an e-mail confirmation.  Print this e-mail for the documentation and take it on your trip.
  3. Register your trip with the U.S. Department of State Smart Travelers Enrollment Program (STEP).   Go to the STEP website and follow directions to create an account for yourself and then “add a trip” to your profile.  Take a screenshot of your STEP enrollment confirmation for the International Travel Registry (#4 below).  By enrolling in STEP, you then receive important security information and updates from the embassy or consulate in your designated area(s) of travel.
  4. Register your trip in Northwestern’s International Travel Registry, so that the OGSS has information about your trip and can reach out in case there is a health or safety emergency. To register, you will need 1) your HTH Worldwide Insurance certificate number, 2) your passport information, 3) the names and contact information of two emergency contacts (typically parents or guardians), 4) your contact information abroad, and 5) a screenshot of your STEP enrollment, described above.  Complete the International Travel Registry no later than two weeks before your departure

a.  If you have previously applied to study abroad through the online Northwestern Study Abroad Application system, go to the International Travel Registry, select the term your travel will take place, and "login." Fill in the required fields and click “submit application” to complete.

b.  If you have not completed an online application for study abroad, go to, click on “Northwestern Student Login” in blue, enter your net ID and password, and fill in the required fields. Once you “submit your registration” to create your account and student profile, you will be taken back to the home page. Click on "Northwestern Student Login" in blue to log in again. Under Applications, click on “Select a program to begin your application”. This will take you to the Search Programs page. On the Search Programs page, enter “International Travel Registry” next to Keyword and Apply Search. In the brown bar under Options, select the term your travel will take place. This will take you to the International Travel Registry. Fill in the required fields and click “Submit Application” to complete.

If you have any questions or problems with any of your Health & Safety pre-departure requirements, contact Beth Osterlund in the Office of Global Safety and Security.

Grant funds cannot be released until all these steps are completed.  When you have completed your Travel Registry, please notify the Weinberg Student Grants Program at  This notification email MUST have your first and last name and "Travel Registry Complete" in the subject line.   The earlier that you complete the Travel Registry, the sooner you can receive your funding. Your Travel Registry must be complete at least 7 days before your departure, or your grant could be revoked.


Contact William Haarlow, Asst. Dean of WCAS Undergraduate Research, at or at:

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